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Addison's Story - Our current foster that will be long-term, due to all the medical needs.  She is in the home of Dick and Suzanne.

Addison feeding her puppies              

This is Addison, she was rescued by a Glen Rose Animal Control Officer, she had been starved, had a litter of puppies nursing and with her injured leg, unable to get around.  Thanks to the love shown by the employees at the Glen Rose Animal Shelter and Shelter2Shelter Rescue Group (based in Arlington), the word was spread and we received Addison.  Liz (great transporter and rescuer) transported Addison to our Veterinarian, she was terribly under weight, but had already gained weight in the shelter.  As you can see from her picture, her leg had been broken and will need to be amputated.  But, first Addison will be going through Heartworm Treatment, after she gains at least 15 pounds.
The last thing we needed in our home was another foster, so this was not an easy decision, but after meeting Addison (named by a vet tech at our clinic), we knew we made the right decision.  She gets along with all of our dogs and fosters, she has not had one accident in our home and we have not crated her.  She is so loving, all she wants is companionship.  She loves one of our smaller dog beds (don't tell the dogs, but it's a kitty bed) and is learning to play thanks to our American Eskimoes and Shep/Husky mix.  Her hair is starting to return and you can already see the weight she has gained after 2 weeks.
Addison will be going into a slowed Heartworm Treatment, she is a high risk.  Once she gets that over and recuperates a few more weeks, we will have her leg amputated.  She will finally be free of walking/hobbling and unable to run and play or be taken on nice long walks at River Legacy Park.  This will all take time and money, all dogs deserve a chance to live, being loved in a home.  And, all humans should know the love of a rescued animal.

We will be updating Addison's recovery on this page, please return periodically to see our new fosters, stories on our fosters being adopted and of course, Addison's updated story.

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